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Here is some nostalgic footage of Aldenham and its pupils, taken by cine camera in the 1930s. It includes a Keep Fit session, good views of the grounds as they were then and the preparation of Cooke's Field for football pitches - all hands to the pump.
T_\Photographs - Read Only\Resource Library\2009-10\Dance\Dance Show\Adam's pics\_DSC1550 copy.jpg
See what the School was up to in the year 2009/10. An uplifting presentation of events throughout the School year - was it really that long ago?
T_\Photographs - Read Only\Resource Library\2010-11\Sixth Form\Sixth Form dinner\_DSC0531.JPG
Another year full of exciting activities and achievements - do you remember those days?
T_\Photographs - Read Only\Resource Library\2011-12\- DRAMA\Great Expectations\Website\Thumbnail.JPG
A year full of activities, trips and learning adventures at home and across the World.
T_\Photographs - Read Only\Resource Library\2012-13\A Level results\website\Aldenham_School_ALevel_results_day_2013 059.jpg
Where were you in 2013 - Aldenham was celebrating another great year.
T_\Photographs - Read Only\Resource Library\2013-14\- SPORT\CRICKET\Read Trophy\Aldenham_School_Cricket_Read_Trophy_2014_0012.JPG
Looking back over the good times at Aldenham from September 2013/14.
T_\Photographs - Read Only\Resource Library\2014-15\- MUSIC\House Music\Adam's pics\_DSC2931.jpg
Lots of variety and exciting activities highlighted in this presentation of the School year
T_\Photographs - Read Only\Resource Library\2015-16\Dance Show\Adam's pics\_DSC1646.jpg
A great year of learning, fun and further achievemments.
T_\Photographs - Read Only\Resource Library\2016-17\PHAB\ENHANCED\IMG_0064.JPG
Once again a year of great excitement and PHAB learning opportunities.
T_\Photographs - Read Only\Resource Library\2017-18\- SPORT\Boys\Football\U15 ISFA FINAL v Cheadle Hume 15March\IMG_3623.JPG
Another year at Aldenham filled with success and happiness
The Old Aldenhamian Society
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