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OA Society 120th Anniversary
05 April 2022
Celebrations are taking place throughout the UK and the Commonwealth during 2022 for HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and there are also a number of special dates to celebrate at Aldenham.

On 9th April, the OA Society celebrates 120 years since being founded at a meeting held on 9th April, 1902, at a tavern on Great Queen Street, London; today it continues to evolve and maintain a strong, diverse and close link between OAs and the Aldenham Foundation. Currently there are 5,053 OAs in our network and a further 1,541 who are ‘Lost’. The OA community is spread throughout 150 countries and their ages range from 19 to over 100.

Aldenham School has its 425th Birthday since being founded by Richard Platt in 1597 when, in February 1596, he obtained Letters Patent from Queen Elizabeth I which permitted him to build “The Free Grammar School of Richard Platt at Aldenham”.

In 1917 at a special general meeting of the OA Society a resolution was passed that the memorial to those OAs and Aldenham staff who had given their lives in the Great War should take the form of a large School Library. From there on donations were accepted and in 1922 the OA Society announced that a little over £5,000 was available to build the School Library. OAs and the OA Society continue to support the Aldenham Foundation financially and in kind, which is very much appreciated and helps the Aldenham education to thrive.

As the 27th President of the OA Society and the 2nd President as a son of an OA, the other being Bishop Colin James (SH1940-44), I look forward to reconnecting face to face with as many fellow OAs as possible at OA Day on Sunday 12 June when we can celebrate Beevor’s House 127th Anniversary and 42 years since girls started at Aldenham.

James James-Crook (M1968-72)
President, OA Society & Governor, The Aldenham Foundation
The Old Aldenhamian Society
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