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Will Rutt (B2012-19) – Cancer treatment appeal update October 2020
26 October 2020
William Rutt (B2012-19) has been fighting a rare and aggressive cancer for over three and a half years. With help from the Aldenham community and in particular many OAs the original target of £60,000 has been exceeded. Will and his family are incredibly grateful to all those who have donated so far. The support means that there is now a good chance to get Will to Mexico and start treatment in November this year. Immunotherapy treatment is revolutionary and very expensive. It does however give real hope for Will and a chance of saving his life. There will be additional costs ahead, over and above the initial £60k target. If you have not already done so, or would like to help Will some more, please go to the Go Fund Me Page As the prospect of going to Mexico for treatment is now a reality, Will and his family are starting to get organised and firming up dates, logistics, etc. The final details of the treatment plans for Will have been received and costed. The proposal is for 6 x procedures over 3 days each from mid-November this year until early December. The clinic has confirmed the various immunotherapy drugs to be used and it’s more than usual but tailored to Will’s cancer type and condition. Unfortunately, the cost of this tailored programme is much higher than the original estimate. Will’s family were reticent to change the target from the original £60k, as so many people had this goal in their sights, but the target does now have to be increased to reflect the latest costs for the clinic and hospital in Mexico. While the overall costs of the treatment plan, travel, accommodation, hospital fees and contingency for the unknown are astronomical, the funds raised so far cover a significant part of the overall bill which is fantastic news. Will is currently doing well and coping with the new Chemo and Radiotherapy. He would like to pass on his heartfelt thanks for all the support he has had and the lovely messages he’s received. He says it gives him a real sense of purpose and fight for the treatments ahead. Will has been battling cancer since he was 16. While he’s missed out on the normal teenage life, he's still a positive, kind and often inspiring young man who just wants to live a normal life. The last three years have been a roller coaster for Will and his family. They thought he had beaten the disease twice, but sadly the cancer is back for a third time. The options and time that are left are limited. While Will's oncology team at the Royal Marsden are working hard to hold it back with alternative chemo / radiotherapy combinations. They are now looking at combining this with new and cutting-edge immunotherapy treatments via a specialist clinic in Mexico. The team at the Marsden are fully supportive of this approach and helping in early consultations with this clinic. The clinic's approaches to cancer treatment are showing real promise for patients in Will's condition.
The Old Aldenhamian Society
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