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Headmaster and OA President Appeal - On behalf of Will Rutt (B2012-19)
09 October 2020
As we reach the end of September 2020 we can look back with considerable pleasure at the way in which Aldenham School has been able to resume so well, with so few interruptions to the learning of our pupils over the first five weeks of the new School year. Yet whilst we celebrate all this it is of course important to remember that we do so at a most difficult time for some people, whether or not they are directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, in a most unusual move we are sharing with you a story of great sadness and asking you to consider if you can offer your own help and support. Since writing to the whole School community and OAs who know Will Rutt (B2012-2019), we have been heartened by the generous support shown to him. We are now reaching out to all OAs to ask if you may be able to help too. Please watch the video below to hear more from James Fowler, Headmaster and James James-Crook, President of the OA Society. If you can and want to help Will please go to the Go Fund Me Page Anything that anyone can donate will go towards helping this remarkable 20 year old young man to stay alive and continue having the positive impact on his community that he has always had. THANK YOU!
The Old Aldenhamian Society
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