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OA William Stein launches ‘Desert Island Discs’ style podcast for LSE
27 July 2020
An all time, avid fan of BBC Radio Four’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ Will Stein (R2008-15) came up with the idea of starting his own podcast series whilst working as a Graduate Intern in the Geography and Environment Department at LSE (London School of Economics).
Will’s plans came to fruition when he was forced to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic and he found he had a bit more time on his hands to be creative.
Will said:
“The podcast idea came from hearing the Director of LSE, Dame Minouche Shafik, Desert Island Discs back in 2018. I have always been a fan of the programme and hearing Minouche Shafik put an extra layer of humanity behind the senior figures of the university for me”.
Will has now interviewed several senior figures at LSE as well as friends and people of interest within the community. The podcasts, called Geography Island Jams, were launched at the beginning of July 2020 and quickly reached over 700 plays.
The work has reaffirmed Will’s belief that everyone has a story worth hearing, from first year students to Professors. He is looking forward to sharing more stories from the people at LSE.
Will’s long term aim is to get into brand and innovation consulting, which will allow him me to use his creative skills. Making the podcasts has provided good experience in the field of media and production and we wish him luck on developing his career path, following this early success.
The Old Aldenhamian Society
t. 01923 851612
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